Pataki says he ‘misspoke’ in arguing that RomneyCare is ‘unconstitutional.’

Yesterday, former New York Governor George Pataki (R-NY) officially launched Revere America, an organization dedicated to repealing health care reform. In an interview with the Boston Herald, Pataki backed off his claim that the mandate in Massachusetts’ health care law is “unconstitutional,” telling the paper that he “misspoke” and really knows nothing about the Massachusetts plan:

This morning, Pataki appeared on C-Span’s Washington Journal and accused Democrats of ignoring public opinion and passing health reform without “even following the rules of the Senate.” He said Revere America is be going to be in all 50 states to mobilize the grassroots and “get over a million e-mail addresses of people who would support us in working to repeal ObamaCare and work with us to replace it with true health care reform.”


MSNBC is refusing to air Pataki’s ads until he can prove they are accurate.