Paul Broun Goes Birther

My colleague Zaid Jilani is from Georgia, and rarely lets a lunatic outburst from Paul Broun go unnoticed. In today’s addition, Broun goes birther saying “I don’t know” to a question about Barack Obama’s citizenship from radio host Pete Dominick:

DOMINICK: You think he’s an American citizen and a Christian?

BROUN: I’m not gonna get involved in that.

DOMINICK: You can’t say that he’s an American citizen?

BROUN: Well —

DOMINICK: You can’t say the president’s an American citizen?

BROUN: I don’t know.

For a brief moment, conservative leaders seemed to be trying to get this nonsense out of their movement — unlike your average right-wing lie, I think this one is merely embarrassing — but lately it’s taking over.