Paul Broun goes birther: ‘I don’t know’ if Obama is an American citizen.

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) has declared himself to to be one of Obama’s nuttiest critics, suggesting that that the President has a plan to rule as a dictator and impose “martial law.” During an interview with radio host Pete Dominick yesterday, Broun questioned whether Obama is even a legitimate President, saying he “doesn’t know” if Obama is an American citizen:

DOMINICK: You think he’s an American citizen and a Christian?

BROUN: I’m not gonna get involved in that.

DOMINICK: You can’t say that he’s an American citizen?


BROUN: Well — -

DOMINICK: You can’t say the president’s an American citizen?

BROUN: I don’t know.

Watch it:

Broun’s apparent endorsement of birtherism is far from his only radical tendency. He has in the past proposed privatizing Medicare, referred to global warming as a “hoax,” and told an uninsured constituent who has major depression that the solution to the health care crisis is for people like him to go to the emergency room.