Peace In Our Time: Coal Employment Stays Constant, Despite Conservative Predictions Obama Would Trigger Mass Layoffs

After President Obama won reelection, Fox News headlined that Obama’s reelection triggered “mass layoffs” in the coal industry. So far, the facts defy the war on coal hype.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, coal mining employment has stayed relatively flat since the election. Employment was constant for the last two months, at 82,000 workers. It dipped slightly between November and December, from 83,000 to 82,000 — far from the drastic times that conservatives predicted.

Murray Energy may have accounted for some of the drop in November. The coal company politicized miner layoffs throughout the election, but they recently quietly rehired workers.

“War on coal” nonsense does not end there: Coal employment hit a 15-year high at the same time Republicans slammed Obama in ads.