‘Peek Trump’ is peak Trump

An iconic image for Election Day 2016

Donald Trump and his son Eric Trump, voting CREDIT: Al Jazeera/Bloomberg
Donald Trump and his son Eric Trump, voting CREDIT: Al Jazeera/Bloomberg

The 2016 election has been defined, to a substantial degree, by what the election of each candidate would mean for women.

Hillary Clinton, of course, would be the first female president.

Trump, on the other hand, has been dogged by his hostility toward women. This started in August 2015 when Megyn Kelly asked him about his history of demeaning comments about women. (He ultimately responded by calling Kelly a “bimbo.”) It peaked on the release of a video in October 2016 showing Trump, in 2005, bragging about groping women without their consent.

After the video was released, many women came forward and alleged they had been sexually assaulted by Trump. These revelations further eroded Trump’s already lackluster support among females.

This has apparently left Trump unsure about his support among women — even his wife Melania.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Trump cheated on Melania, his third wife, with the 1998 Playmate of the Year. The National Enquirer, which is closely tied to Trump, allegedly paid $150,000 to bury the story. Trump, through his campaign, denied the allegations.


Trump, however, wasn’t the only member of the family who seemed curious about how his spouse was voting. This photo captured a similar moment involving his son, Eric and his wife Lara.

Ultimately, these images are just instants in time.

But they capture at a fundamental level a dynamic that could decide the outcome of the election — a mutual distrust and unease between Trump and women, even those who would normally be inclined to support his candidacy.