Pentagon document dump: E-mailer suggested ‘softball’ interview with top general.

Last month, the Pentagon released an extensive document dump with details on its military analyst propaganda program. TPM Muckraker notes that in a 2006 e-mail, someone (with a redacted name) e-mailed Pentagon officials stating that Jed Babbin, a participant in the analyst program, would be guest hosting for right-wing radio talker Michael Medved. Babbin requested an interview with Gen. George Casey, then top commander in Iraq. Pitching the request to interview Casey to the Pentagon officials, the e-mailer said: “this would be a softball interview and the show is 8th or 9th in the nation.” Allison Barber, a Public Affairs official at the Pentagon, responded:

Thanks for sending this.

Just fyi, probably wouldn’t put “softball” interview in writing. If that got out it would compromise jed and general casey.

The e-mailer wrote back: “check, check.”