Perino explains Bush’s low ratings: ‘Everybody would like to be popular in high school, some of us just weren’t.’

In today’s White House press briefing, spokesperson Dana Perino struggled to name the President’s major accomplishments in light of tomorrow’s election. “We have learned from mistakes. … So a lot of things have improved,” she said. Perino complained about Bush’s abysmal approval ratings, claiming they are like a high school popularity contest:

And this President was tested by a lot of different issues and I think he’s taken those issues head on, and we can be proud of how we’ve addressed them. Everybody would like to be popular. You can all remember that back in high school, everyone really wanted to be popular. Some of us just weren’t. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have principles and values that you stay true to. And that’s what this President has done, and it’s what he’s taught a lot of us, including me.


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