Perino: It’s ‘Awkward’ Having ‘Other Channels’ Besides Fox News At White House Parties

Last night, the White House “threw back-to-back holiday receptions for the news media” with over 500 guests attending. At the “early one” for print and radio journalists, conservative talk radio hosts like Neal Boortz and Hugh Hewitt “dominated the place.”

On Fox and Friends this morning, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said it “was a great party” and that she loves “having everybody there.”

Host Steve Doocy asked if it was “weird” to have “people who appear on other channels, who bash the president all the time” at the party. Perino responded by criticizing the non-Fox News members of the press, saying “it’s a little awkward” and “audacious” for some of them to “ask to be invited”:

DOOCY: [H]ow weird is it to have, Dana, people who appear on other channels, who bash the president all the time, and then, one night a year, they come into the White House, they bring their kids, and they say, Hi, how are you, as if they haven’t been bashing the president all year long?

PERINO: It’s a little awkward. And it was amazing to me, being in charge of taking the requests for invitations this year, how audacious some people are to call and ask to be invited to the president’s Christmas party.

Watch it:


With President Bush’s approval rating at 28 percent, the White House is turning to friendly outlets. Last month, Bush recorded back-to-back interviews for Fox News and the Fox Business Channel, one of which was for “a documentary” that Fox’s Bret Baier is producing.


In 2006, after Vice President Dick Cheney shot a friend in the face while hunting, he agreed to “only” speak to Fox’s Brit Hume though “every news organization was hotly pursuing” interviews. When he travels, Cheney requires that all televisions in his hotel rooms be turned to Fox News.

Earlier this week, Fox’s Shepard Smith reminded us that Fox is Bush’s “network after all.”