Perry Refuses To Repudiate Jeffress: ‘I Won’t Say That He Can’t Say What He Wants To Say’

Rick Perry refused to repudiate the comments of prominent endorser Rev. Robert Jeffress during his appearances on the morning talks shows today, saying that while he disagrees with Jeffress’ assertion that Mormonism is a “cult,” he won’t “say that [Jeffress] can’t say what he wants to say.” Jeffress has also claimed that AIDS is a gay disease and that gay people are promiscuous. “This is about freedom of speech. I mean, freedom of religion. Our founding fathers were wise in creating those rights. Freedom of religions and we have a great number of faiths. And I support people’s choice of being able to pick and choose their faith,” Perry said on ABC’s Good Morning America. “Those folks who say those things, are going to be the ones that you need to be asking the questions to, not those of us who are either associated with them, know them, or for that matter, have endorsed President Obama,” he added. Watch it: