Peter King Laments First Amendment, Wants ‘Better Controls’ On Facebook, Twitter, And The Internet

Today, despite his prior advocacy for terrorism and his smears of Muslims, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) testified before a British parliamentary inquiry into the root causes of domestic Muslim radicalization. At one point, MP Keith Vaz asked King if he supports “better controls on the internet,” on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, in the context of extremist elements using the internet to get their message out. King replied that he did, but he also lamented the “First Amendment issue” with doing so and said that he’s trying to find a way to do it without violating freedom of speech:

VAZ: Would you like to see better controls on the internet? On these social media sites like Facebook and Twitter?

KING: I do, now we have a First Amendment issue which does not really confront you or really pertain in Great Britain. So we’re trying to find ways, how can it be done without violating the First Amendment, involving freedom of speech or communication.

Watch it:


Explaining his prior statements in support of the then-terrorist Irish Republican Army (IRA), King said that he stands by these statements “in the context that they were said.”