Peter King’s Hypocrisy Is Fine By Eric Cantor Since “It’s Pretty Obvious” Muslims Are The Problem

Amusingly, back in 2000 George W Bush got strong electoral support from Arab-Americans and from American Muslims. Today we have terrorist sympathizer Peter King conducting witch-hunt inquiries into the loyalty of American Muslims and Eric Cantor explaining he doesn’t have a problem with King’s record of support for terrorists, because the terrorists King likes aren’t Muslims:

“I don’t think there’s any question about his credibility. … We have got demonstrable occurrences in this country that show we’ve got a risk of the spread of radical Islam. That’s not within the security interests of the United States and its citizens; it’s something that we really want to work with folks to see if we can stop,” he said.

Asked about his expectations for the hearing and the controversy surrounding it, Cantor responded, “Really, it’s one hearing out of many that he’s having. I think you here in this room have sort of become fascinated with this hearing. And I would say to you it’s pretty obvious where some of the problems have been in terms of terrorist activity.”

Meanwhile, actual counterterrorism officials from the Defense and Treasury Departments say King’s hearings will, if anything, make their jobs harder. But it’s a small price to pay for trying to snag a little political boost through demagoguery.