Petraeus: IAEA Report Is ‘The Authoritative Document’ On Iran’s Nuclear Program

Last November, the U.N. nuclear watchdog the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran has engaged in nuclear activity that is “specific to nuclear weapons.” While an Obama administration official noted that the report “does not assert that Iran has resumed a full scale nuclear weapons program,” the IAEA’s director general has repeatedly reiterated, in order to “alert the world,” that Iran’s nuclear program “suggests the development of nuclear weapons.”

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee today that Iran has not decided on whether it will go forward with building nuclear weapons, and CIA Director David Petraeus concurred with that assertion. When Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) said during the hearing that the IAEA “must make transparent and public what they find” in Iran, Petraeus pointed to nuclear watchdog’s November report, calling it “the authoritative document” on Iran’s nuclear program:

PETRAEUS: The IAEA inspectors are in Iran right now. I believe their past report was a very accurate reflection of reality, of the situation on the ground. I think that is the authoritative document when it comes to informing the public of all the countries of the world of the situation there. Iran is supposedly, reportedly trying to be more open this particular time perhaps trying to reassure countries as it feels the increased bite of the new sanctions, of the Central Bank of Iran sanctions and the reduction in the purchase of oil from some of its key customers and so I look forward, as do others, to seeing what that public report will provide this time believing again that it will be again the authoritative open source document on the program that Iran is pursuing in the nuclear field.

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IAEA inspectors were just in Iran getting clarification about concerns it has regarding nuclear weapons related activities and will report their findings to the director general.