Philadelphia Passes Groundbreaking LGBT Protections In Healthcare And Employment

The Philadelphia City Council passed a groundbreaking new bill advancing LGBT equality today with a sweeping 14–3 vote. Here are a few of the bill’s provisions:

  • Businesses that offer employee health plans that include same-sex partners will receive a tax credit incentive.
  • The city’s health care plan can not discriminate against non-union transgender city employees.
  • There is also now a Transgender Health Tax Credit to allow companies to cover healthcare needs specific to people who are transgender.
  • City buildings are now required to provide gender-neutral restrooms.
  • The city’s nondiscrimination law now protects sexual orientation and gender identity, including public accommodations.

These simple changes will ensure that LGBT people have equal access to health services and the other benefits offered by the city. The comprehensive bill and the support it received will serve as a valuable role model for other cities to enact similar protections.