PHOTOS: Hardly Anyone Showed Up To Steve King’s Anti-Immigration Reform Rally

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) held a rally on Monday night for those who oppose the comprehensive immigration reform effort taking place on Capitol Hill. But no one, it seems, felt like going.

The event was billed as a “Stop Amnesty” event — a response to the pro-reform rallies being held around the country. It was held in Richmond, Virginia. But instead of massive turnout by those who agree with King’s assessment that the bill “proposes to legalize a lot of people that will include the people who are drug smugglers,” a mere 50 to 60 people came to the event, by Politico reporter Seung Min Kim’s estimate:

King has come under fire recently for his offensive comments about immigrants, including, most recently, his assertion that for every young undocumented person who becomes a valedictorian, there are “one hundred drug mules” and “you can tell by their physical characteristics what they’ve been doing for months.” He has also once compared immigrants to dogs and, another time, to livestock.

(HT: America’s Voice)