Plame sues CIA for blocking her memoir.

Outed former CIA agent Valerie Plame and her book publisher are “suing the Central Intelligence Agency, accusing it of unconstitutionally interfering with publication of her memoir. … The suit said although the CIA had released Plame’s dates of service in an unclassified document, ‘the CIA now purports to classify or reclassify Ms. Wilson’s pre-2002 federal service dates’ so it cannot be published in her memoir ‘Fair Game.’ The CIA had also demanded ‘significant portions’ of Wilson’s manuscript be ‘excised or rendered “fiction”’ to protect the secrecy of Wilson’s service before 2002.” In March, Plame’s husband Joe Wilson referenced the potential suit during an interview with Keith Olbermann:

The CIA is taking a look at it and they have no particular objections to the contents. They are trying to claim that she did not work for them before 2002, or cannot acknowledge she worked for them before 2002, which is sort of an Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass. We may have to litigate that. This is not the USSR. This is America and she has a right to tell her story.