Planet Gore Disinfotainment Watch #2: The Misleading Paraphrase

This recent Planet Gore post is a perfect example of entertaining disinformation.

According to PG, Laurie David insisted that “no serious peer-reviewed scientist disagrees with [her alarmist global warming claims] anymore.” So what alarmist claims did Laurie David actually make? Here is the transcript of the Anderson Cooper interview that PG links to:

COOPER: Do you still find a lot of skepticism from people in audiences saying, look, is this real? I mean…

DAVID: I think we are finding — you find skepticism, but it’s mostly because they’re misinformed. And that’s one of our goals, to really, you know, get information out there. People — look, the consensus is in, the globe is warming and humans are causing it. The debate is over. And now we need to get that message out to the people.

COOPER: There are those who say, look, some scientists disagree with that.

DAVID: Yes, but they don’t. I mean, no serious peer-reviewed scientist disagrees with this information anymore. Seriously, 2,000 scientists from 150 countries say this is happening, it’s happening now and it’s happening faster than even we thought it….

What PG splices in as “her alarmist global warming claims” is actually the phrase “this information,” which clearly refers to “the consensus is in, the globe is warming and humans are causing it.” Now that is about as non-alarmist as you get. The consensus Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC — a document that must be agreed to word for word by 120 governments — says there is a greater than 90% chance that humans are causing global warming.


But apparently to National Review’s Planet Gore expert, Chris Horner, the IPCC and its 120 member governments are making alarmist global warming claims that are not peer reviewed. Entertaining disinformation, no?

It just goes to show you that you can’t trust any paraphrasing by PG — and a future post will show that you can’t trust PG’s interpretation of research results.