Planet Gore gets the little things wrong, too

Discussing the recent Senate hearing on cap & trade, Marlo Lewis cites Myron Ebell’s commentary to say:

There used to be honor among thieves. But everything is changing in this crazy, mixed-up greenhouse planet of ours! As Myron shows, each of the testifying utility CEOs wants the allocation rules to profit his company at the expense of the other guy’s.

Uhh, hello? The saying is “There is no honor among thieves.” Duh!!! This renders the second sentence above incoherent.

I realize this is a small error compared to PG’s typical howlers but then again, they say “God is in the details.” PG is trying to turn a dog-bites-man story into some cynical point about the witnesses — and PG has to savage an old saying to do it. That’s disinfotainment. I’m making this PGDW #36 and #37 for those first two sentences, and #38 on principle for quoting Myron Ebell.