Plenty magazine folds

The January 8 twitter cut to the chase, as tweets do:

Plenty magazine folded, leaving the US without a true environmental magazine. thought bad economy was gonna spur gree n jobs not kill them.

The web is not friendly to newspapers and magazines, even a good one like Plenty in an area of growing interest. Folio mag reported on the 12th:

Despite a last-ditch effort to save its Web site, both the print and online editions of the magazine are being discontinued, the magazine’s publisher, Mark Spellun, said Monday.

This is not a good media trend:

In December, National Geographic shuttered the print edition of its Green Guide — which the National Geographic Society acquired in 2007 and relaunched as a general consumer quarterly — but kept its web site.

I have reported on how big media is also walking away from this area (see CNN fires staff covering science and environment, hires psychic to cover climate change and NBC nixes TV’s only global climate change show during “Green Week”).


There are a few bright spots — THE GREEN from Sundance, of course — along with the new MNN and the NY Times (which will be subjects of later posts).

Still, Plenty was a good magazine, and I’m sorry to see it go.

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