Point of Entry

Battle: Los Angeles certainly looks high-end and glossy, and I do rather like Aaron Eckhart, even though he sometimes embarrasses himself by being in very silly things:

But it illustrates a variant of the general problem with alien invasion movies. If you’re going to make the effort to invade a planet, traveling across time and space to do so, wouldn’t you want to do the basic reconnaissance to figure out where it makes most sense to strike? The Pentagon seems like a reasonably important thing to take out. If you want to disrupt the communications apparatus of the nation, New York makes a reasonable amount of sense. But Los Angeles? Why in God’s name would aliens prioritize destroying the world’s producer of mind-numbing entertainment? Hell, if you’re an invading force, you might want to preserve the narcotizing power of Hollywood.And why would the military in Los Angeles be uniquely poised to strike back? The Long Beach Naval Yard’s been closed since 1997. There is an Air Force facility in Los Angeles, but why would it be uniquely innovative? Why would you focus on folks there in a wider invasion scenario? I hate to be a nitpicker. But it’s just so lazy, even if it is satisfying for the rest of the country to watch Venice Beach explode.