Police Attack Peaceful UC Davis Students With Pepper Spray

Yesterday, a group of students at the University of California Davis staged a sit-in to protect their occupation encampment and demand the release of those who had already been arrested.

Police dressed in riot gear approached the peaceful group of students and began attacking them with pepper spray, forcing them to cover their faces. Many of them fell over. “What is wrong with you?” demanded one student. “You’re supposed to protect us!” yelled another. Watch it:

Professor Nathan Brown, who is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University, has written an open letter calling on Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi to resign in response to the incident. “I have also taken an active role in supporting the student movement to defend public education on our campus and throughout the UC system. In a word: I am the sort of young faculty member, like many of my colleagues, this campus needs. I am an asset to the University of California at Davis,” it reads. “You are not.”



The entire UC Davis Faculty Association has now called for the Chancellor’s resignation. Separately, the Chancellor has announced the formation of a task force to investigate the incident.