Police Won’t Press Charges In Suicide Of Gay Teen, Hope Incident Will Still Serve As Deterrent To Bullying

Police will not pursue criminal charges in the suicide of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who took his life in September after facing repeated bullying and harassment for being gay. In a press conference this afternoon, the authorities explained that they will not be charging Rodemeyer’s bullies with a crime, since existing laws require the testimony of the victim, but said the case will still serve as a deterrent to others. “It’s not just the police department responding to this incident. It’s the school, it’s the public. The community has said how they feel about the way Jamey was treated,” the officer said. The aggravators’ “friends know who they are, their peers know who they are. And they know that it’s completely unacceptable in the eyes of this community, this police department, and their peers.” Watch an excerpt from the press conference: