Politico removes its claim that McCain’s tax cuts are ‘aimed directly at the middle class.’ (Updated)

Earlier today, ThinkProgress criticized for publishing a story that claimed John McCain’s proposed tax cuts for capital gains and dividends would be “aimed directly at the middle class.” Here was their original story’s lead:

Tonight, Politico published a new story on McCain’s tax cuts that removed the false claim. Instead, the article states that the tax cuts are “designed to lure investors back to the stock market.” Here’s their new story’s lead:

Note: The original story containing the false claim is still up on the Politico site.



Contrary to the Politico’s report, the New York Times states that the McCain campaign will “not have any more proposals this week unless developments call for some.” Spokesman Tucker Bounds said: “We do not have any immediate plans to announce any policy proposals outside of the proposals that John McCain has announced, and the certain proposals that would result as economic news continues to come our way.” The Times notes this as “signs of internal confusion” from the campaign.