Poll finds most people, for some reason, think Trump doesn’t keep his promises

Faith in his promises has collapsed over the past two months.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Susan Walsh
CREDIT: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The number of Americans who think President Donald Trump is a man of his word has plummeted over the past two months, according to a Gallup poll released on Monday. Between early February and early April, the percentage of Americans who think Trump “keeps his promises” fell from 62 percent to 45 percent, a 17 point decline.

That might be because Trump has broken dozens of promises in his first weeks as president. ThinkProgress has been tracking 663 of the promises he made during his campaign, and so far his record on most of them has been found wanting. On his first day in office alone, he broke 34 promises; by the end of his first month, 64 of his pledges had gone out the window.

But one issue in particular may have affected public perception of Trump’s trustworthiness: the period between February and April is when Trump tried — and failed — to topple Obamacare and replace it with his own health care plan. ThinkProgress examined all the promises regarding health coverage that Trump made on the campaign trail and found that Trumpcare would violate every single one. Most notably, Trump’s legislation would not have brought about universal coverage, as promised. In fact, it would have stripped millions of predominantly low-income Americans of their insurance.

Even in the brief period between when Gallup conducted the survey and when it published its results, Trump has gone back on his word in significant ways. Last week, for example, he went back on a campaign vow to label China a currency manipulator.