POLL: New Hampshire Voters Want To Preserve Marriage Equality Law, Vote For Candidate Who Opposes Repeal

Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire have pledged to repeal the state’s same-sex marriage law in the next legislative session, but a new WMUR Granite State Poll finds that voters want to keep marriage equality by a two to one margin. Just 8 percent said that the law had “a major effect on the state,” while 28 percent saw a “minor effect” and 47 percent saw no effect at all:

WMUR Granite State poll shows that only 27 percent of New Hampshire adults support repealing same-sex marriage, while 50 percent strongly oppose repeal. The percentages are similar to a poll asking the same question in February.

Supporters of repealing the same-sex marriage law were asked whether they were more or less likely to support a House or Senate candidate who opposed repeal, and opponents were asked if they were more or less likely to support candidates who supported repeal. The survey found that same-sex marriage was a much more important issue for those who oppose repealing the law.

The survey showed that 44 percent of New Hampshire adults are more likely to vote against a candidate who is in favor of repealing same-sex marriage, while 14 percent said they were less likely to support a candidate who opposes repealing the law.

Last month, a subcommittee of the New Hampshire House approved a bill that preserves existing same-sex marriages, but would repeal the marriage equality law and allow “both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples to form civil unions.” The bill also contains language that “allows any business, individual, school or association to refuse to recognize civil unions, exempting them from state laws that bar discrimination on housing, employment, contracts and grants.” The full House will not vote on the bill until next year.


The legislature tried to adopt similar measures last year, but ultimately postponed the question to focus on economic issues. A poll from February similarly found that 62 percent of New Hampshire voters are opposed to repealing the marriage law.