Poll: Obama Has Big Leads On Key Policy Areas, Likability, Women

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll out today finds President Obama leading Mitt Romney in almost every major policy area:

— Beats Romney 10 points, 49 to 39 percent, on “protecting the middle class.” — Edges Romney by three points on “creating jobs” and “handling taxes.” Up two points on “supporting small business.” — Crushes Romney by 17 points, 53 to 36 percent, on “handling international affairs,” and seven points on “handling terrorism.” — Beats Romney eight points on “dealing with social issues such as abortion and gay marriage.”

On personal traits, Obama’s edge is even bigger: “He has a better than 2-to-1 advantage as the more friendly and likable of the two, and nearly that margin as ‘more inspiring.’”

Perhaps most importantly, with the backdrop of a heated debate about women’s issue, the poll confirms trends from other polls showing Romney has a “women problem.” The Post reports:


A wide gender gap underlies the current state of the race. Romney is up eight percentage points among male voters but trails by 19 among women.

It’s not surprising why, as the same poll shows Obama with a near 20 point margin on “addressing women’s issues,” beating Romney 53 to 34 percent among both genders polled. That number is likely much higher among just women.