Polling the People

In yesterday’s press briefing, Scott McClellan stated that the president “is hearing from members [of Congress] about some of the survey results, the survey results that show that the American people recognize that there are serious problems facing Social Security.” The president may be hearing the survey results, but he certainly isn’t listening to them, or else he would have packed up his 60-stops-in-60-days trips before they even got started:

When asked whether they approve or disapprove of — or are confident or uneasy about — the way President Bush is handling Social Security, respondents said:

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: 35% Approve / 56% Disapprove

Associated Press/Ipsos Poll: 37% Approve / 56% Disapprove

CBS News/New York Times Poll: 31% Confident / 63% Uneasy

CNN/USA Today Gallup Poll: 35% Approve / 56% Disapprove

Think maybe that’s just the “liberal media bias”?

Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll

Q: Do you think you would be better off or worse off if George W. Bush’s plan for Social Security passes?A: 27% Better Off / 41% Worse Off