Pombo Pushes Endangered Species Act Propaganda

Richard Pombo, chair of the House Resources Committee, who is now pushing for legislation to “modernize” the Environmental Species Act, had this to say in support of his position:

The Endangered Species Act’s less than 1 percent success rate for species recovery is a well-documented and readily-available statistic, but the status of the remaining species on its list has not been as clear until now. … The ESA has not achieved its original intent of recovering species. In fact, there is little evidence of progress in the law’s 30-year history.

The non-profit group Environmental Defense sets the record straight:

A peer-reviewed analysis, posted on the web site of the scientific journal Ecology Letters, concludes that more than 50% of U.S. species listed as endangered before 2000, and almost two-thirds of species listed for 13 or more years, have stabilized or are improving. Further, species whose recovery efforts received significant funding are more likely to be improving.


That isn’t to say that Endangered Species Act can’t be improved. But, by the looks of it, that isn’t what Pombo’s “reform” effort is about.