Poverty is Bad for Kids’ Brains

Some interesting new research on the poverty cycle:

Children raised in poverty suffer many ill effects: They often have health problems and tend to struggle in school, which can create a cycle of poverty across generations.

Now, research is providing what could be crucial clues to explain how childhood poverty translates into dimmer chances of success: Chronic stress from growing up poor appears to have a direct impact on the brain, leaving children with impairment in at least one key area — working memory.

Not only is poverty incredibly bad for children, but a really large proportion of American children are impoverished. To be specific, in 2007 back before the recession 18 percent of America’s kids were below the poverty line, a number that must be pushing past twenty given the current circumstances. We could dramatically reduce this number with relatively small levels of expenditure, and our failure to do so is creating a serious threat to our future.


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