Powerline: Still In Denial About Valerie Wilson’s Status

In an earlier post we criticized Powerline’s John Hinderacker for arguing that Fitzgerald “appears to have concluded that Plame was not, in fact, a covert agent.” We noted that the indictment concludes “her employment status was classified,” which suggests she was a covert agent.

Hinderacker maturely responds to the “ignoramus” website who dared criticize his analysis. His point is that the definition of a “covert agent” under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act requires the employee’s identity to be classified and travel outside of the United States within the last five years.

Hinderacker doesn’t provide any information that suggests Ms. Wilson didn’t travel overseas in the five years prior to her outing. There’s probably a good reason. On October 8, 2003 the Washington Post reported her neighbors, prior to her outing, “knew Valerie Wilson as a consultant who traveled frequently overseas.”

Hinderacker also complains he has received “many abusive emails” about this topic from “people who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.” We know he couldn’t be describing ThinkProgress readers, who we’ve found to be very well informed. But if you do correspond with Hinderacker (, please be polite.