Pray-In Asks Supreme Court To Strike Down Health Law That Subsidizes ‘The Killing Of Innocents’

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act held a small prayer-in on the steps of the Supreme Court as the justices began the third and final day of hearings examining the constitutionality of the law on Wednesday.

The ceremony was timed to coincide with the opening prayer heard in the Court and included a shout-out to all nine justices. Anthony Kennedy — largely considered the key swing vote between the Court’s liberal and conservative factions — received special mention. The participants also asked God to provide the Justices with “clarity” and dissuade them from upholding legislation that subsidizes “the killing of innocents”:

God we pray for the nine justices. We pray oh God that they would have clarity on this case. We pray oh God that they would rule for any health care legislation that would respect religious freedom, not subsidize the killing of innocents and honor the Constitution… We cry to you oh Lord.

Watch it:


The sentiment echoed the rhetoric adopted by some Republicans who argue that Americans will “die” if the Court upholds the constitutionality law.