President Bush Feels Your Pain, From 5000 Feet

Remember, the White House is not politicizing Hurricane Katrina. During today’s White House press briefing, Scott McClellan described the President’s flyover of the affected areas:

MCCLELLAN: Okay, just to update you on the flyover. He was — you’ll have the still photos that will go out from the stills that were up there, you’ll have pictures of him. But he was sitting up in the — on the left side of the plane, the front part there, where the Secret Service detail usually sits, and looking out at all the hurricane damage along the Gulf coast region.


The President, when we were passing over that part of New Orleans, said, It’s devastating, it’s got to be doubly devastating on the ground. And he pointed out some of the neighborhoods that I just mentioned, and pointed out — there’s a shopping mall, I think it was, we were trying to figure out what it was, and we thought it was a shopping mall that was under a lot of water.


QUESTION: It’s devastating, it’s got to be doubly devastating on the ground.

MCCLELLAN: Yes. And then we came up on — after we passed New Orleans, and I think we passed Slidell, then it wasn’t too far after that when we were in Mississippi that we came upon communities that — where the houses were just totally destroyed. The President made a comment saying, it’s totally wiped out, when he looked down at this one community, where you can see the homes that were just in pieces.

It’s good to know that the White House is providing this critical information to the press.