Principles for Green & Equitable Stimulus

Some 60 organizations, including my own — the Center for American Progress Action Fund — sent the following Principles for a Green & Equitable Stimulus and Recovery to PEBO’s transition team today:

As you draft and debate proposals to stimulate the American economy, we strongly urge you to make the recovery package as green and as equitable as possible. We propose these principles as benchmarks against which all stimulus proposals — indeed, all energy-related proposals coming out of the new administration and Congress — should be measured.

The stimulus must:

  • Maximize investments in the transition to a green, inclusive economy.
  • Focus on fixing, improving efficiency, and lowering energy costs for our existing infrastructure — our buildings, roads and bridges, transmission grid, public transit systems, and manufacturing plants — rather than on new development.
  • Promote high quality, family-supporting jobs here at home.
  • Provide opportunities for under-served communities to access these high quality jobs, through investments in training programs and partnerships that promote career ladders and “pathways out of poverty.”
  • Drive funding to states, cities, tribes and communities, and allow them some freedom to decide where and how they invest in their own economies.

We have in this time of crisis an historic opportunity to incorporate principles of sustainability, fairness, and equity directly into programs to grow our national economy. And we have an opportunity to make fundamental choices about the kind of economy we want to create for the 21st century. We can build a green economy that lifts all boats and puts America on a path to true prosperity, but only if we start now by demonstrating the political will to do so at this critical juncture.


You can see the full list of signers here.