Prison Camp Turns Three, WIll Build Psychiatric Wing for Inmates it Drives Crazy

Three years after America opened its prison camp at Guantanamo Bay to house “the worst of the worst,” most of the 550 prisoners are no longer considered “of significant intelligence value,” and not one prisoner has been formally convicted of a crime. Nevertheless, AP reports the U.S. government will seek funds for a $25 million permanent prison facility, including $1.7 million for a psychiatric wing to deal with mental health.

No doubt, the new facility will continue the tradition established by the Bush administration of looking out for the mental health of detainees. Mentally healthy methods of interrogation employed so far (that we know about) have included:

No wonder freed prisoners said they tried to commit suicide due to the draconian conditions.

For the record, America’s abhorrent methods have hindered the job of acquiring useful intelligence from the detainees. The methods have produced mostly “bad and inadmissible evidence,” often “destroying” any chance to prosecute detainees, according to memos signed by FBI agents.