Pro-GOP Chamber Of Commerce Ad Extols Bipartisanship, Implies Obama Re-Election

The Chamber of Commerce has released 21 new May 2012 “independent” political ads — 20 of which either attack Democrats or praise Republicans. But while most of the ads take partisan swipes at Democrats and Obamacare, the Chamber’s ads in solidly Democratic Hawaii improbably endorse bipartisanship.

The narration for the 30-second spot in support of former Gov. Linda Lingle (R-HI) reads:

Working together to create jobs will bring Hawaii’s economy back. That’s the independent record that Linda Lingle has built. Governor Lingle believes in a bipartisan plan for increasing tourism, working across the aisle with President Obama, finding solutions to boost our local economy for more opportunity. She understands tourism, will create jobs for Hawaii and our economy. Call Linda, tell her to keep supporting tourism and putting jobs above partisanship. Paid for by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 100 years standing up for American enterprise.

Watch the ad:

Another ad from the Chamber — which has defended Mitt Romney and frequently attacked President Obama’s legislative agenda — hits a Democratic candidate in Florida over the mere possibility that she might support Obamacare.

But in the Aloha State, the group abruptly takes a pro-compromise position.

Amusingly, Republic Report noted, the on-screen citation for the claim that Lingle is a bipartisan leader is a newspaper reprinting of a press release from Lingle’s own campaign.


More subtle is an implied concession to President Obama’s home state that Lingle and the Chamber believe Obama will be re-elected. Lingle, if elected in November, would take office in January 2012 — meaning that for her “bipartisan plan” for “working across the aisle with President Obama” to really work, President Obama too would have to win this November.

Or perhaps they simply wanted to inform voters that Lingle would diligently seek bipartisan solutions with President Obama for the 16 days between when she took office and Mitt Romney’s possible inauguration — but in that case, she had better be prepared to move very quickly indeed.