Prom Regulations

I’m half inclined to say that this is an April Fool’s prank rather than a real news story, but the byline does say March 31:

Deramous was one of about 25 Oxford High students who were disciplined for violating the dress code at her school’s prom Saturday. The students in violation were allowed to stay at the prom, but the following week, each was given the option of receiving corporal punishment or accepting a three-day suspension from school, Oxford principal Trey Holladay said.

“We’re using the same policy we’ve had for the last five years,” Holladay said. “Being a parent, I want to make sure girls and guys act accordingly. We’re a high school and our community has certain expectations of what is appropriate.”

There’s more at the link. Not only do the rules themselves seem a bit draconian (“there cannot be slits more than four inches above the knee and there must be no revealing neck lines or back lines”) but the corporal punishment angle is just bizarre. For wearing a dress with a low-cut back? Really?