Prop 8 Plaintiffs On Thanksgiving And Gay And Lesbian Families

Jeff and Paul and Sandy and Kris — the plaintiffs in the challenge to California’s Proposition 8 — have released a video describing their Thanksgiving traditions and the role the holiday plays in reaffirming gay and lesbian families:

JEFF: It would be really important that is this was the year that we could finally get married, that this would be our last Thanksgiving as bachelors… In this time of Thanksgiving where we tell stories, and I think that as gays and lesbians that well tell our stories around those tables. …There’s going to be a lot of gays and lesbians with families sitting around the table, and it’s important at the end of the day that people realize that family is family — whether it’s gays and lesbians with children, like Kris and Sandy, or whether it’s opposite sex couples with kids. A family is a family and that’s the foundation and this is a day of Thanksgiving that we celebrate that.

Watch it:

Earlier this month, the California Supreme Court ruled that proponents of Proposition 8 may assert the state’s interest in appealing Federal District Judge Walker Vaughn’s ruling declaring the anti-gay marriage initiative unconstitutional when state officials fail to do so. The decision of whether or not to grant standing now goes back to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, where the appeal will take place.


The Court has also announced that it will hear the appeal of U.S. District Court Judge James Ware’s ruling “denying the Proposition 8 proponents’ attempt to have Walker’s ruling vacated” because of his sexual orientation.