PROTECT THE VOTE: Help ThinkProgress Expand Our Coverage Of Voter Suppression

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to figure out that Florida could be deciding factor in this November’s election.

That’s why it caught ThinkProgress’ attention when Florida Governor Rick Scott, a close ally of Mitt Romney, started a massive purge of registered voters from the rolls a few weeks ago.

Although the national media virtually ignored it, ThinkProgress broke the story that hundreds of fully eligible U.S. citizens — mostly Democrats and Latinos — were being improperly targeted. We even identified two 91-year-old WWII vets who were about to have their voting rights stripped.

And it’s not just happening in Florida. Voting rights are also under attack in critical swing states like Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia — and ThinkProgress needs to raise $30,000 by Monday to expand our coverage in those places.


Please chip in $5 — or whatever you can — right now so we can get to work before it’s too late. The outcome of November’s election could very well hang in the balance.

After ThinkProgress took the lead in Florida, the national media started paying attention. Our reporting was cited extensively on cable news networks like MSNBC and precipitated a powerful editorial in The New York Times.

Late last week, following extensive reporting by ThinkProgress, the Justice Department sent Rick Scott a letter declaring the purge illegal and demanding he put a stop to it. Scott announced yesterday that he would defy the Justice Department but the 67 county election officials, who are the only ones who can ultimately remove a voter from the rolls, are now refusing to play along.

We are making a difference, but we can’t stop with Florida. This election, and our democracy, are just too important. ThinkProgress needs researchers and reporters on the ground right now to continue reporting these stories.

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