Proud Father Steve Doocy On Son’s ‘Hitting The Sauce’ Question: ‘It Was A Good One’

Last night on the campus of Villanova University, Fox anchor Steve Doocy’s son — Peter Doocy — asked John McCain why Hillary Clinton is “hitting the sauce.” “Whatever makes Sen. Clinton happy,” responded a bemused McCain, who himself has hit the sauce with Clinton in the past.

On this morning’s Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy asked his son what the reaction has been to his “stumper for John McCain.” “It’s all been good,” Peter said, explaining that his question was an example of “what college kids want to know about.”

Asked by co-host Brian Kilmeade whether MSNBC host Chris Matthews might have recognized his last name, Peter Doocy responded, “I think that he might have. He looked a little grumpy. But I don’t think it really mattered because nobody was there for Chris Matthews. Everybody was there for John McCain, and he did a great job. I think that was a good moment for him.” Watch it:


Doocy proudly heralded his son’s “good” question which “stumped” McCain. Dad wasn’t the only one lauding his son. The entire Fox & Friends crew was full of praise. “It was a great question,” co-host Gretchen Carlson said. “Great job, Peter,” said Kilmeade.


In the summer of 2004, Peter Doocy worked “as an intern with the ‘FOX & Friends’ staff.” Perhaps that’s where he acquired his journalistic skills.