Purple Toupee

I’m no longer convinced that John McCain should make a one term pledge. After all, as commenters to the previous post argued there are other ways to make TMBG relevant to the McCain campaign. Consider, for example, “Purple Toupee” which I think he should use as a theme song.

First, McCain’s desire to see heightened China-Taiwan tensions in order to prompt a new Cold War and inflate his own sense of self-importance:

Chinese people were fighting in the parkWe tried to help them fight, no one appreciated thatMartin X was mad when they outlawed bell bottomsTen years later they were sharing the same cellI shouted out, “Free the Expo ‘67”Till they stepped on my hair, and they told me I was fatNow I’m very big, I’m a big important manAnd the only thing that’s different is underneath my hat


And more broadly, a an anachronistic authoritarian streak:

Purple toupee is here to stay after the hair has gone awayThe purple brigade is marching from the graveWe’re on some kind of missionWe have an obligationWe have to wear toupees

Don’t say you weren’t warned.