Q: Why does Sarah Palin wear a polar bear pin?

A1: She wants to help people remember what they looked like before her policies render them extinct.

A2: She likes sticking it to the bears.

A3. She couldn’t find a wolf-cub pin.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is famously fighting the Bush administration liberals who designated the polar bears a threatened species, and her global warming denial, if enshrined into law, would finish off the bear’s habitat (see “McCain VP Palin is a global-warming-denying, polar-bear-dissing, Pat Buchanan acolyte”).


Yet she wears a polar bear pin off her right shoulder. [Some of you are looking in the wrong direction. That image off to the side of Palin’s right shoulder is Cindy McCain, who I’m guessing just loves standing behind her husband’s VP choice.]

Notwithstanding Palin’s faux pas of wearing white (with a white pin!) after Labor Day, her pin is clearly missing either a bull’s-eye or a red circle with a slash through it. I wonder what Polar bears against Palin think of this.

Given that eBay founder Meg Whitman is a McCain supporter, I suppose it is no surprise that you can buy the same pin Palin wears on eBay:

Replica of Sarah Palins’s polar bear lapel pin which she wore during several interviews. This pin is handfinished, made of a ceramic material, and has a very durable finish with push pin back. This pin will show your support for Sarah Palin in a classy way. Dimensions — 1″ x 2″; Weight — less than 1 oz.

Only $14.99 plus $3.50 shipping. As my daddy used to say, it’d be a steal at half that price.

Personally, I’m going to wait for the grolar bear pin.

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