Recess Appointments

Craig Becker is getting all the attention out of yesterday’s batch of recess appointments, but a fuller look at the list is really required to understand how absurd the level of GOP obstructionism has become. For example:

— Jeffrey Goldstein will be Undersecretary of Treasury for Domestic Finance.

— Michael Mundaca will be Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Tax Policy.

— Eric Hirschorn will be Undersecretary of Commerce for Export Administration.


— Michael Punke will be Deputy US Trade Representative and head up the office in Geneva.

— Islam A. Siddiqui will be Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

There are also others. But I’ve picked these out. I know for a fact that the failure of the Senate to confirm Siddiqui and especially Punke has been a very real impediment to the World Trade Organization’s ability to function and move forward, and thus a small-but-real drag on America’s economy. And does anyone think this is a good time to leave the Domestic Finance job unfilled?