RedState editor: Obama is trying to goad terrorists into attacking the United States ASAP.

Since President Obama decided to release the Bush-era OLC memos outlining the administration’s torture program, conservatives have been trying to argue that the disclosures make the country less safe. Today, RedState Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson takes the meme a step further, arguing that Obama wants to make the country less safe. In fact, Obama is hoping for a terrorist attack sooner rather than later so he can blame it all on the Bush administration:

We know, because Joe Biden told us, that the Obama administration expects us to get attacked again domestically. […]

The best strategy would look something like taking a band-aid off quickly. Get the pain over fast. And if an attack happens quickly enough into the new administration, they can blame Bush.

So the Obama administration is working hard to release all the memos on interrogations, change all the policies Bush implemented, and clear out the old as fast as possible. Never mind that if it were done slowly over time, our terrorist enemies might not be so incited to attack.


If your working premise is that they are going to attack anyway, get them incited quickly, get it over with, and blame Bush. There is no other justification for so quickly making us less safe.

On Twitter, Erickson added, “Hilarious to watch the lefties explode over this. … Truth hurts I guess.”