Reid acknowledges Guantanamo detainees will need to be relocated to U.S. prisons.

After previously suggesting that he wouldn’t support Guantanamo detainees being relocated to the U.S., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) acknowledged in an interview with a local news station that some Gitmo detainees will be put in federal prisons. While conservatives have baselessly claimed that “terrorists” could roam in Americans’ “backyards” if Guantanamo is closed, Reid defended the ability of the U.S. prison system to hold dangerous criminals:

REID: A maximum security prison in the United States, there has never been a single escape.

Q: You think eventually the plan is going to be to put them in maximum security prisons here in this country, correct?

REID: I think some. Keep in mind, Jon, there’s so many different issues. There’s no question that a number of these people who are there are not guilty of anything. The Uighurs, these are a group of Muslim Chinese who are guilty of nothing. They were arrested, put in there. They are there. They are doing nothing. We’re going to have to find someplace to put them. We can’t send them back to China. Should they go into a maximum security prison? Probably not.”


Needless to say, some Guantanamo detainees will need to be relocated to the United States in order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Reid is now trying to coax his colleagues into supporting Obama’s position, following the president’s speech last week. “The vast majority of the Senate — Democrats, certainly — agree that it should be closed,” Reid said. “And it’s going to be closed.”