Reid aide: Carbon pollution cap remains in 2010 mix

“We intend to consider comprehensive clean energy-climate legislation that will cap global warming pollution and create jobs,” said Regan Lachapelle, a spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), on Wednesday.

The Hill seems to be doing some of the most even-handed political reporting on the bipartisan climate, clean air, clean energy jobs bill (see, for instance, The Hill: “Dozens of Democrats want to move a climate change bill, including centrists such as Sen. Arlen Specter”). Yesterday’s story opened:

There’s plenty of speculation that shepherding an emissions-capping bill through the Senate in 2010 is so daunting that Democrats will scale back their aims, and instead take up a package of only energy measures while shelving the climate bill for another time.

But for now at least, the Senate’s top Democrat says that’s not the plan.


It will be one of the biggest — and most important — political battles of our time (see “The central question for 2010: Will anti-science ideologues be able to kill the bipartisan climate and clean energy jobs bill?”)

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