Rep. Allen West Slams Occupy Wall Street: America Is About The Individual, ‘We Are Not The Borg Of Star Trek’

Tea Party favorite Rep. Allen West (R-FL) offered another “Weekly Wrap Up” newsletter last week, first to wish the Jewish community well on Yom Kippur and to wish “our American-Italian community” a happy Columbus day.

Thus dispensing with the niceties, West launched into what he does best: A strange screed against “liberal progressives.”

Offended that such people would ask him where his jobs plan is, he responded that “my plan is to trust the American people — the job creators, the small business owners and the American entrepreneurial spirit.” West then pivots into a rebuke of Obama and the 99 percent movement for championing “collective divisiveness” over “American exceptionalism.” As West puts it, “America is about the individual and not about a collective. We are not ‘The Borg’ of Star Trek”:

I truly believe President Barack Obama does not comprehend American exceptionalism. He does not fathom that in America the station of your birth does not determine the station of your outcome. America is not about class or caste, it is about rewarding individuals for their drive and determination, for their hard work and ideas.

America is about the individual and not about a collective. We are not like “The Borg” of Star Trek.

Liberal progressives do not want to unleash our individual strength, they prefer to foment collective divisiveness, which is exactly what this “Occupy Wall Street” movement is about.

The Borg are “a fictional pseudo-race of cybernetic organisms” as seen on the equally fictional series Star Trek. They functioned via a “collective consciousness” in which each Borg “is linked to the collective by a sophisticated subspace network that ensures each member is given constant supervision and guidance.” As the Broward-Palm Beach New Times notes, the only Americans who actually did borrow from the Borg is the U.S. military, who sent the Borg’s catchphrase to al Qaeda: “Resistance is futile.”


Naturally, this is not the first time West has relied on vague, pop culture references to prove his point. West conjured up the 2006 film 300 and the 2003 film The Last Samurai as historical examples to eviscerate liberal women for “neutering American men.”

Perhaps West will endeavor to go where he has never gone before, namely reality. But perhaps, arguments based solely in fantasy are too great and any resistance is, you know, futile.