Rep. Cory Gardner Assures CPAC That GOP Is Committed To Defunding Climate Change Research

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Even before taking control of the House of Representatives last year, Republicans made concerted efforts to demonstrate exactly how little they care about climate change, defeating cap and trade in 2009 and opposing any effort to regulate carbon emissions or pollutants.

But since taking the House, the GOP has taken those efforts to a new level, attempting to strip funding for climate change research from various budgets and spending proposals. Senate Democrats were able to protect such funding, but at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday, Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) assured attendees that the GOP was committed to ending such funding and hinted that such efforts would continue:

QUESTIONER: Since climate science is now all settled, Republicans and Democrats can agree that it’s all settled” the DOE budget is going to roll out, can we stop spending taxpayer’s money on climate science and ways and means of limiting carbon emissions.

GARDNER: Those amendments were all added to the Republican past budgets and appropriations bills, stripped out of course by the Senate, so I think there have been attempts to get that money out of research that’s feeding the industry.


Watch it:

The effects of climate change have become more evident over the last year, as extreme natural disasters struck across the country and record warm temperatures have hit the country this winter. Still, the GOP remains committed to doing nothing about it, and if Gardner is to be believed, Republicans will continue to assault funding for climate change research at every opportunity.