Rep. Franks may file a lawsuit for Obama’s birth certificate.

When blogger-activist Mike Stark approached Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) on Capitol Hill, the congressman unequivocally stated that he believed President Obama was a citizen. “I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, when Hawaii was a state — in the United States — and therefore he’s a constitutionally natural-born citizen of this country,” he said. But on Saturday in a “jammed-packed’ town hall meeting in an Arizona church, Franks said that he may file a lawsuit against Obama on the birther issue:

The other main issue dealt with numerous speakers questioning Obama’s birth certificate and why there wasn’t an investigation into whether he is a naturalized citizen. One woman said a newspaper announcement of his birth in Hawaii was not sufficient. Another asked how he could have a passport without a birth certificate.

Franks said there was not enough evidence that Obama is not an American citizen. He did say there was a lot of conflicting evidence of Obama’s citizenship and that he was considering filing a lawsuit, the only congressman to do so. Franks asked why the president did not simply produce a birth certificate.

Franks also defended President Bush, saying “Americans will wish Bush was back as president.” (HT: Dave Weigel)