Rep. Inglis: Family Research Council Violating 9th Commandment By Suggesting Obama Is Muslim

Earlier this week, Tony Perkins, CEO of the Family Research Council, a highly influential Christian right organization, questioned President Obama’s faith. Perkins furthered the myth that Obama is a Muslim by saying that Obama “claims to be a Christian,” but is actually “advancing the idea of the Islamic religion.” On Wednesday, ThinkProgress caught up with Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC), a very conservative lawmaker who lost his primary to a Tea Party candidate largely because he spoke out against Glenn Beck’s hate speech. Asked about how to deal with right-wing groups like the Family Research Council that have taken complete control of the Republican Party and the conservative movement, Inglis advised that Perkins and his associates should “try to stick to the Ten Commandments” and should not “bear false witness”:

TP: But at the same time, Tony Perkins just said a couple of days ago, he doesn’t think Obama’s a Christian, he questions his faith, said he’s “advancing the Muslim religion.” How do we change that because obviously there are a lot of strong, respectful Christian groups, but with Family Research Council leading the evangelical community, how do you change that dynamic when they’re spreading these fears?

INGLIS: Well I think what we should do is stick to the Ten Commandments and especially the Ninth Commandment here, which is thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

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Since losing his primary to a far right Tea Party candidate, Inglis has continued to speak out against the growing problem of racism and fear mongering in the Republican Party. Inglis told Mother Jones magazine that some of the arguments advanced by his colleagues were motivated by “racism” rather than serious policy.