Rep. King: Hate crimes law creates ‘sacred cows’ that puts ‘victimizer’s focus on someone else.’

The right wing has been in hysterics this past week over the hate crimes bill (also known as the Matthew Shepard Act) that the House passed last week, calling it tyrannical and Orwellian and claiming it will end religious freedom. Last night on Fox News, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) went even further, classifying these crimes as an either/or situation. He argued that if society punishes people for attacking someone based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability, it will result in more attacks on the rest of the public:

KING: If they’re one of God’s children let’s protect them equally and when you go down the path of special protected status, then you end up with the sacred cows walking around the street that have another extra shield around them that actually would put the victimizer’s focus on someone else. I think it’s unequal protection of the law that results from it.

Watch it:



Media Matters debunks King’s claim — perpetuated by Fox News hosts — that Democrats voted to protect and defend pedophiles.