Rep Mark Kirk Suggests Shooting Illinois Governor

In the latest example of a prominent conservative figure engaging in irresponsible rhetoric, Satyam Khanna catches Rep Mark Kirk (R-Il) suggesting that the Governor of Illinois should be shot in retaliation to his proposal to help close the state’s budget gap by raising taxes:

“I think that the decision to raise taxes by 50 percent in Illinois is political suicide,” Kirk said of Quinn’s proposal to raise the tax rate to 4.5 percent from 3 percent, coupled with an increase in the personal deduction. “I think the people of Illinois are ready to shoot anyone who is going to raise taxes by that degree.”


Conservatives can cry and moan all they want about the DHS warning of violence on the part of right-wing extremists, but the fact of the matter is that sooner or later someone is going to take this kind of talk seriously and do something that’s really regrettable. If this were just a matter of ugly signs from a handful of people at protests, there’d be nothing to really worry about. But the rank and file is being egged on by some very irresponsible politicians and media figures.